Our Mission

CGRI encompasses a range of projects, some aimed at developing resources, others focused on answering specific biological questions.

In the next several years, we intend to complete the data collection and analysis for 4 major aims, sequencing hundreds of whole genomes and generating millions of genetic markers for use in breeding for agricultural, industrial and medical purposes.

Are you a Cannabis grower or breeder? You have a tremendous amount to gain from analyzing your genetics. Learn more about how we can help you.

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Support Cannabis Research

Though U.S. states are beginning to legalize Cannabis, it is still illegal on the federal level, making it very difficult to attain funding through the usual channels (NSF grants, etc). We rely on believers in the potential of this plant from the public to financially support our research. The money raised covers the cost of DNA sequencing, pays undergraduate research assistants, and allows travel to genomics conferences and symposiums.

cannabis chloroplast t-shirt
Donations of $50 or more receive a limited edition CGRI T-shirt featuring the first ever annotated Cannabis chloroplast. Send us your address and preferred color (green or blue) and size (medium, large, or x-large) here.

Thank you for your interest in supporting cannabis science! 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to our research.

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