Cannabis Growers & Breeders

Benefits of Cannabis research

Lets say you are starting a new breeding project with two promising Cannabis plants. You are going to generate hundreds and thousands of seeds that you will have to grow to maturity in order to see which one possess the physical characteristics that you are looking for. Of those seeds, you have to choose a subset because you can’t grow them all. So you might, by chance, not grow the one seed that happened to have all of the combinations of traits that you were looking for. That’s where we come in.

What CGRI’s research can do for you:

  • Tells you which of those millions of plants is the one you want, the one that has the combination of traits you’re looking for
  • Determines which plants you should cross to achieve the combinations you desire
  • Gives you probabilities, one in a million, one in a hundred, one in ten, etc that the seed that you are looking at has all of the traits that you desire
  • Saves you time, resources, money, by using modern genetic techniques

We are a group of highly-qualified geneticists, evolutionary
biologists, bioinformaticians, and computer scientists poised to improve the breeding
and growing of your Cannabis plants.

Next steps:

  • Contact us and describe your growing/breeding operation and goals for the future
  • Donate to CGRI to further cannabis research and make all of this possible!