Many facts about Cannabis medicine are bogus. These 12 aren’t.

By Daniela Vergara (@CannaGenomics)

I am an evolutionary genomicist, and  for the past five years, I have been a Cannabis scientist, studying and understanding the Cannabis genome.

And so I know what is scientific about Cannabis and what is — to use a scientific term — bogus.

This is what science does best! Science is a built-in, shock-proof bullshit detector.

As a scientist, I wanted to know what was not bogus about Cannabis and medicine. So, after six weeks of intense reading on Cannabis-based medicines, disorders where marijuana has been used for their treatment, effects and safety of the medicines, I came up with 12 scientific medical facts that called my attention.

    1. Smoked Cannabis has been successful for the treatment of the symptoms of at least 6 illnesses (HIV, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, seizures, Parkinson’s Disease, and Glaucoma)
    2. Sativex and Epidiolex are medicaments extracted from the natural plant, while Marinol (Dronabinol) and Nabilone are synthetically produced
    3. Marinol, which is 100% THC, produce excessive psychoactive effects, seems to not be an appropriate plant substitute and many patients dislike it
    4. CBD counteracts the unpleasant effects of THC such as anxiety and psychosis
    5. Sativex with similar concentrations of both THC and CBD, has been more effective than THC alone in MS treatment probably because patients tolerate higher THC amounts
    6. The medical terms for red eyes is “conjunctival injection” or “conjunctival hyperemia”
    7. In some Cannabis medical research, euphoria is considered an adverse effect
    8. Approximately 147 million adults (The population of Russia) worldwide use Cannabis recreationally or medically
    9. Research contradicts itself on whether prenatal and adolescent exposure to Cannabis has negative consequences
    10. Many of the children-epilepsy research has been done via social media such as Facebook and SurveyMonkey
    11. Cannabis-based medicaments are not addictive and have never been obtained or distributed illegally.
    12. It’s well known that no Cannabis overdose has ever been reported. This fact is backed up by scientific literature.

Science! It’s the best thing to ever happen to Cannabis. Better than rolling papers. Better than strain reviews. Better, even, than Cheech and Chong.

So let’s keep putting Cannabis under the microscope and into the sequencing machine . And keep seeing where there’s smoke, and where there’s fire.

And when it comes to Cannabis and medicine, there’s fire.

Edited by Reilly Capps (@ReillyCapps)

For those interested in digging deeper, this is the reference list for these 12 facts, go here

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